Saturday, November 16, 2013


Here at Paine Falls we are now at warp speed before the weather turns for good. 
Most of my days have been spent in the studio.  
Thursday I walked out of the studio around 4-ish and thought the weather was pretty great.  
Had put in 2 miles walking in the morning and still felt pretty good!  
Time to get that low tunnel up!  
Finished before dark and got another 2 miles in before I had to make dinner.  I love days when I feel like I have super powers! 
Thought I would get this post up because tomorrow afternoon we are supposed to get 60-65 mph. winds sweeping through.  This thing might be history....... 


Inside the lettuce is coming along nicely, chard has been transplanted, kale is getting almost big enough to eat and carrots are plugging along.  Radishes tanked again.  Think there might be a tad too much nitrogen in the soil as they just go to tops with little radish action below.  Time for a soil test.  

Yesterday morning the sun was out and time to fire up the raku kiln for one last firing of horsehair pots.  Ran out for propane and set up by 10:30 a.m.  By noon the sun was gone and a stiff north wind had started up.  I dropped back to firing one pot at a time because they were cooling too fast.  By 4:30 p.m. it was growing colder but the wind was dying.  Ran in to get a hat and more layers. 

This is the best set up!  Drawing off three tanks stops tank freeze up which was an issue when I was using one tank.  I fire at 6-8 pounds pressure and full oxygen.  

As the sun set the electric lights were brought out and time for shadow puppets! 
Sitting around kiln tending all day, it doesn't take much to entertain a tired potter.

Today, I am flat out sick.  
I guess I didn't adjust to hat wear and neck covering soon enough yesterday.  
Mov'n slow so I don't mind sitting here waxing pots and weaving..... 

Stay tuned to the tunnel house saga and air borne chickens...... 


  1. My first raku in cold weather every year gets me sick. Breathing all those fumes and the cold air at the same time does not agree with me! Feel better, no time for stickies, gotta get the holiday parties going:-)

  2. I have a box of Kleenex I can share with you.
    I am suffering through the crud brought on by time with 3 years old, remind me not to eat from her hand again....I wanted to walk this morning but I feel like the walking dead.
    Love your set up for veggies.

  3. Almost vertical..... The wonder of sleep, maybe 12 hours, soup and back under the covers.... Harry Potter marathon...... Definitely better. I've eaten enough garlic and vit. C to kill a vampire!

    Meredith..... You ate out of a three year olds hand? You are indeed a brave brave woman :) I read that to Butch and he said, OMG! even I know that's bad! LOL!

    Thanks :)