Monday, November 18, 2013

Still Standing........

What a storm last night!  One of those nights when you keep the flashlight tied around your neck.  
Howling winds, the lights wavered and flickered and poof!  What a great time to go to bed!  
This morning the winds are still howling but happy dance the hoop house is still standing!! 

Before the storms rolled in and as I was standing vertical Sunday morning we decided to run to the lake for quick hike.  Sort of blow the cobwebs and stink off from a sick day.  The wind sandblasted us from the south so not much wave action. 

Checked on a field of horsetail.  I have started drinking horsetail tea for my joints, apparently not enough as I am still creaky and now make deals with my body.  If you let me stand up without rolling around on the floor I will drink three cups of horsetail tea!  Swear! 

Just loved watching what I think are mergansers, but not sure.
Whatever they were they were gobbling a big breakfast of chubs and minnows in the shallow water.

In honor of the full beaver moon..... 
Angry beavers, they're everywhere! 

Baking day.....
Biscotti and Sourdough for the week.

My science experiment..... sourdough starter that's been nursed along for 7 days.
Smells tangy and delicious!
Tonight, sour dough bread to go with chicken soup..... comfort food if ever there was any! 

All raku pots were washed, polished and ready for weaving.
These pots were a special order for a young woman who lost her horse and dog this year. 
The day after her dog passed a robin came to her patio everyday and sat on the patio chair, they knew it was Jake, her dog. 
At a show she handed me a sandwich bag full of her horses hair and told me the story. Then asked if I could make a remembering bowl for her.  
There are paw prints around the outside of the bowl, leading up to the bird.
I can never say no to this kind of project...... it's an honor to be asked. 
Fingers crossed she likes her Remembering Bowl.....

RIP Val Cushing........ you will be missed.


  1. Sweet story about the bird. I know what you mean, some pots are a joy to make. They are lovely.
    Crazy weather, again.
    Bread and biscotti. Yum.
    I love biscotti, but I am still wearing the last batch I made. I find those know me by my first, last and middle name.

  2. Haha! Meredith! Tracey did a blog on care packages and these are headed out the door in the morning!!!

    :) on the pots....... Not what I usually do but was so nice.

  3. Oh! You have to give some away!!! Great idea!
    I am going to make granola for my family. It has become the thing my mother hides when I take her some.
    That and bread are going her way.

  4. I so enjoy your ruminations about nature, cooking, life.
    And just to prove I am a show-off, your merganser is actually a horned grebe.

    (Sorry - couldn't help myself.)

  5. I must be given away or it would all be eaten by two people who are less then svelte! I held two out for our breakfast, not sure I can wait that long :)

    Oooooo granola would make through the mail too! Great idea!!

  6. Sue! Thank you!!! I have Sibleys and Petersons sitting here, had planned to start looking tonight! You saved me!
    They were smaller than any merganser so didn't think it was merganser. These guys were compact, diving and fascinating to watch.
    Don't see many horned grebes. Usually this time of the year we have rafts of buffleheads, my favorite!!