Friday, November 22, 2013

Sole Food anyone?

We make the dishes, we make the food, we are creative and we are getting older and we are becoming more aware! 

In the last few months I have become very aware of how hard it is to cook for one, especially if that person is elderly.  Hell, I lived alone for more than ten years and found myself staring into the fridge, in a dark kitchen and resigning to eat a raw hot dog.  It was just to hard to boil water after working the midnight to eight shift at the park.  Sometimes smoking a cigarette was breakfast...... oh yeah the glory days of youth! 
There are three old woman who have come into my radar over the last year.  Ages, 96, 93, and 80's (it's all I can get out of her!)   The 96 year old is my mother-in-law and lives an hour away, by herself and failing.  The other two live a couple doors down and are a hoot.  Both have dogs and both were avid gardeners in their day.  All three have trouble preparing meals and eating.  I see the 93 year old the most as she walks her dog a couple times a day.  
Tuesday, Lois ran into me on my nightly walk.  Hey, Lois what's for dinner tonight?  
Lois:  Oh my usual, two waffles, one of your girls eggs, a piece of cheese.  It's a sandwich.  (like I don't know what a sandwich is....)   
Me:  Soooooo would you like a bowl of homemade chicken soup and some bread?  I think I have few biscotti too.
Lois: no words, big smile and big hug...... I would love soup.  What's a biscotti.  
Me: It's a hard as rocks cookie you dunk in your coffee or tea and eat.  I'm gonna finish walking and I'll drop off a quart of soup. 

I finished up my walk and headed down to Lois's with a quart of chicken and dumpling soup, two slices of sourdough bread and a biscotti.  Sheesh, more hugs and tears.  LOIS!  It's just soup!   

Last week Joan tossed a bag of egg cartons in the back door and we had a very quick chat, she was off to get her hair done ........ with her dog, Teddy.   Yesterday, I needed egg cartons and opened Joan's bag.  A bag of trail mix, and in the egg cartons 4 clemetines with a note;  Thanks, my chickens lay orange eggs!  I laughed out loud!  I take produce and eggs down to her too.  She lives alone, next to Lois...... partners in crime!  

Butch came home from his Mom's last Friday, kind of upset and saying, she is just wasting away.  I called Meals on Wheels.  She has a woman who comes in to help her and makes her lunch or takes her shopping but the care giver has off days and I don't think MIL eats, tea yes, food no.

Sooooooo on my walk this morning all this stuff was running through my head.  Yup, no secret I do like to cook and bake and garden.  I always make too much and the freezer is filling!   
Here's the plan:  How many people live within walking distance of my house, on my block, a few doors either way.  Two, maybe three.  How hard would it be on my walk to drop off a plate of food on my walk?  Pretty easy judging by my fridge just from last night.  There is extra acorn squash, bread, a pork chop and a quart of oven roasted cauliflower.  

I can't drive an hour away everyday but I can walk to my neighbors.  I don't want to take everyday to go to Meals on Wheels.   If we all took notice and did this in our neighborhoods I think it would make a difference.  

I'm gonna give it go in my neighborhood and call it Sole Food :) 

Am I nuts?  again........ 


  1. Not nuts .... Just a caring soul ;)

  2. Not nuts, an angel!
    I was actually thinking about meals on wheels today and how great that program is, sometimes that's the only human contact a person might have that day. I think we could all do just a little bit and all the little bits would add up to a great big bit!

  3. Update! Last night the entire neighborhood got together to celebrate Lois's birthday! Everyone brought a dish and sent home the left overs with you know who :) And I am happy to say, she blew out all her candles!

    Talked to daughter #1 yesterday and we sort of brain stormed a bit. Mom, this would make a great book of stories if you could get a few people to write down their experience, you already have the title. And Mom don't just do old ladies, do the single Mom with a kid who works full time or even the family who would love a pot of soup, or me a single person living in a basement apt. I would be so happy to find a bowl of soup on my door step! (she is at the raw hot dog phase of life)

    So bloggers...... The wheels are turning but today I am glazing :)

  4. Thank you for noticing and for your generosity. It's a new paradigm: since so many families are separated by distance these days, we have to take our families where we find them. Our elders next door, our children in basement apartments down the street. Even I, healthy and able, would welcome a gift quart of chicken soup! So I'll give one instead. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Diana,

    Yes, the paradigm has shifted. My kids and all our relatives have moved away. The table where I used to cook for many is now holding for for 2 or 3. My paradigm shifted a few years ago but having trouble adjusting. Why adjust? Distribute!
    Thanks so much for reading and commenting and making soup :)

  6. You just made my year.
    I love this and think that it should be something we are all thinking of. How many times do we think I can't eat that again, and there is someone who could.
    I have a nephew who lives with my mother and does the cooking. He is getting better and better at this. But there are many folks who go without.
    Again- you made my, day, week, month and year with this.
    Chicken soup works wonders.


  7. A lovely, generous thought and deed......particularly at this time of year which is supposed to be so joyful, but for many isn't.

    You have shown what the best of blogging is all about.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Meredith! I can't thank you enough for posting your thoughts this! If you lived next door you could consider yourself souped, for now sending you cyber soup! :)

  9. Hi Suzi! Thanks so much. This blogging has certainly made an impact in thinking and doing. Especially while out in the studio quietly making pots, the brain is not so quiet :)