Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hope Springs Eternal in Paine Falls.........

Whirlwind two days here in Paine Falls.  
Elections have come and gone, work has been inventoried and dropped off, lectures have been attended, bread has been baked, pots have been trimmed, a kid set the marsh on fire (again) and chickens continue to lay.  
Tracey Broome, pass the Red Bull! 

Yesterday I found myself standing on concrete pavement, hours on end to support a woman I believe will make a difference in our school system.  A woman who fights the fight and when she says, it's all about the kids, it really is.  Even better she won the election!  A joyous celebration of spaghetti and meatballs at her home, with a small group of supporters.  I love that she lives around the corner so we were able to walk in the light of the moon, crunchy leaves underfoot. 

And people ask; why do you do this?  Because I want the world to be a better place for everyone. Well wouldn't that be the perfect answer but in reality I show up at city council meetings and school board meetings and ask an awful lot of questions.  Sometimes I am not in agreement with the answers and become a royal pain the pa-toot.  And not to just be a pain in the pa-toot but because I really want to understand the reason for others beliefs so different than mine.  Sometimes I disagree aggressively with opinions and votes.  If you don't vote you must sit down and shut up.  Sometimes I must admit it is frustrating beyond comprehension with what goes on.  Oh and did I mention I am a letter writer?  
The evening prior to the election we attended a lecture by Nicole Foss.  A lecture not so much about the doom and gloom of the world economy but more about what you can do to get a handle on it.  Biggest message:  Get involved in your in community.  Remember that old saying: Think Global, Act Local.  Turns out it's really true!  Nicole suggested outrageous things, like take your money out of the stock market and invest it in your community.  Whoa!  What would happen if 10,000 people did this?  Shutter the thought!  Buy a mug from your local potter instead of the big box store?  Shutter the thought! 

On my walk this morning here was the shake out of the last 24 hours.  

Yup, this is what it's all about.  An awful lot of men and women have laid it down so we can continue to vote independently and for that I am deeply grateful.  Don't think I have missed an election since I was 18.

Yesterday I stood with the gentleman who set the clock on the courthouse for over 40 years. 
He said he was sorry he didn't hear the hourly bells anymore.  You know, I hadn't even notice the mute bells.  Never wearing a watch, I used to depend on the bells.  The bells let me know how many more pots I could get thrown before the school bus arrived on my door step.  The third bell closed the studio until after dinner.  
And did I mention he was working for a candidate I could not support.

This morning is warm and breezy.  
Nice to walk out into a canopy of gold.
The road levy passed, I guess our streets will be paved, or at least a few pot holes filled but alas not in gold.

Some politicians fell hard, other are standing tall this morning.

Some were a bit too flamboyant but I guess it's OK to get your red on once a year.
As these leaves will fade and blow away so too will the ones who lost.  
It is just an ending..... they might be back in the Spring.

Others, definitely stood out in the crowd.

Whatever happens, 
the river rolls on, calm today but can quickly become a raging torrent. 
Just like so many politicians...... 

As skies quicken with November wind I think we are wise to pay attention and keep watch.
Will campaign promises be fulfilled? 

Prepare for the coming weeks and months ahead...... 

Get involved with our local community ...... it's so important!

and know the buds are already set on the lilacs and azaleas for Spring blooms.... 
There were some new candidates I hope return to run again.

I guess it's true........ Hope Springs Eternal...... 

Congratulations to all who won.  


  1. those colors are the best- I love fall. Making the world a better place. We have our work cut out for us. So many people just DO NOT care.... I worry for us all.
    Keep fighting the good fight.
    I have met the enemy and it is us.

  2. Hi Meredith, I think we all need to keep fighting the good fight. We have kids and grand kids........

    The apathy will kill us.......

    Back to looking at pretty colors out the window :)