Wednesday, February 12, 2014

a busy week..........

Once again needing more hours in a day....... 
It's crunch week!  
Deadlines are piling up and now finding sleep impossible.
Thankfully the Olympics are on in the middle of the night :)

I'm not one for hand building and most times can't even think straight.
As an invited artist of the Handmade Ceramic Tile Exhibition next month in Cleveland, Ohio;
 I figured I had better get my flat on! 
Delivery is February 24th and as I depart for the east coast on the 26th it was today or never. 

Artists were allowed 5 tiles,  8" x 8"  ....... that's it.

I have been carving so much lately this is what I came up with.  
40" of tree...... 

It will look pretty good behind my wood stove when it's done and just the catalyst I needed to finish that project! 

The shelves are filling again! 
although carving is taking more time than I should be taking these days......

A carved tile I'm thinking might be turned into a hot pad with wood rim.

and always more weaving....... 

still cold here so it's been easy to stay in the studio....... 


  1. Lovely tiles.
    We are snowed in here.
    A good excuse to do nothing....

  2. Thanks Meredith! Stay safe down there!

  3. Wow! a tile exhibition ... I love tiles., especially relief tiles. Please post another pic of your wonderful contribution when it's finished.

  4. Hi Brenda! They are in a bisque...... I will breath a sigh of relief when they come out of the glaze fire :)

    Nope, no pressure here :)