Tuesday, February 18, 2014

another day in paradise.........

The snow is grinding to a stop as I sit here watching the old man blast the birds off the feeder..... 
A man and a machine.... nothing else exists.   I experience this phenomenon in summer too;  he claims innocence each and every time. 

If he were a dog ....... 

 I swear there is a garden ....... in fact a hoop house.  

Picnic anyone?  
30 mph wind?  no problem!  
Temps still below zero?  no problem!  

I will spare you all chicken banter...... let's just say they are not happy, but then neither is the potter.


  1. UGH! At least here in the South snow is here one day, gone the next. I really don't see how you do this winter weather thing! Hate to tell you, it will be in the '70's by the end of the week in N.C. come on down!

  2. It's snowing even as I write this....another bit expected, then rain, then snow, then colder....I hope people have the sense to stay home.

    Are you driving to Mass? Safe journey!

  3. I hope the end of winter is near. I feel for you and my northern family and friends. My sister teaches middle school in NH and it looks like they will be going to school until June 22nd or later.

  4. Ha! Tracey I am backing out of the driveway on March 6th! Delivery to Naples, Florida. Tent is already packed and my Starbucks card is loaded! Keep that 70 F. weather going until I hit NC!

    Leaving for Boston next Thursday....... roads will hopefully be clear. Getting around Buffalo is always fun, even in June :)

  5. Suzi, feels like it's never gonna end! Of course they don't have the sense to stay home, but I will leave you your illusions :) They are telling us Thurs. we might make 55 F. prepare for flooding. I just started laughing!
    Leaving for Mass next Wed or Thurs. depending on roads. I usually try to get peas in the ground by St. Patrick's day, might be going with a new plan this year :)

  6. Hi Miche'le! You mean you don't miss this grand white stuff? It has left me enough time to draw plans for a wood kiln. Then researching on youtube and google. This winter might be getting me into a bit trouble :)
    Heard our schools might be open until July 4th this year! Wow!

  7. Finishing my morning coffee, watching the rain come down sideways in sheets. Our Nov storms arrived last week, 3 months late, after weeks on end with no rain ... not the norm when you live in rain forest area. We clocked winds the other night at 100+ km per hr (~65+ mph for our US friends). Mother Nature is taking a stand and we better be paying attention!
    Wishing you safe travels and fine times with friends next week, Sandy.

  8. March 6th- drive to FLA.. tripping through NC- will I see you here??

  9. Ha! we got off easy with 30 mph winds! But we seem to be getting a reprieve as today the sun is out and snow melt is running off the roof! We are in for two glorious days of sun and the vortex is back. Going out to let the chickens run rampant! I too think this is going to be the norm and not what we are used to. Batten down the hatches, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

  10. Meredith! I will be marathon driving down but am taking a leisurely drive home! Indeed, might wander your way...... or just wander!

    and on a funny note...... I ran to the library with my list of recommended books and it was Presidents Day! Trying again today!