Thursday, February 20, 2014

We're gonna live!!!!

(well, some of us......) 

It hit 40 degrees yesterday and it was downright tropical!    

Around dark thirty, laying in the pitch darkness of a warm bed and apparently wearing lead eye liner,  I heard dripping.  My first thought..... the leaky shower had finally landed in the dinning room.  No, as the space next to me was empty and there was no bellowing or slamming doors.  The dripping was massive amounts of water running off the roof!  
Grabbed my wool socks, lumbering down stairs.  Poked my nose out the side door and breathed moist air, my nose hairs did not ratchet my face to a contortion...... delightful! 

Smelled the coffee and stumbled to the pot in the inky darkness of the morning.  Bird blaster Butch left me a fourth of a cup of coffee.....  Seriously?  I set the pot up before I went to bed because it is the only reason to get out of bed in the morning!  With my luke warm, quarter cup of coffee I opened the fridge.  Reaching for the milk, I followed the light spilling out onto the floor......  illuminating a tail and little feet smashed in a trap.  No coffee and a dead mouse....... another day of an awe inspiring glimpse into my fabulous life ......  

Since the thaw is on and there are critters a foot I have to give rave reviews to the d-Con peek-a-boo mouse trap.  You never have to see anything if you don't want too, brilliant!  I usually put a little snack in the teeny little cup in the little black box.  If the snack is too big, the trap won't set as it has a hair trigger!  Once the snack is in place, pull the lever back (it used to have a  little red flag), it will click into place.  No worries about snapping your fingers!  This alone is worth the price of the trap.  It's like a little mail box.... if the flag is up, you've got mouse!   Trot out to the compost, tip the black box on end, pull the lever, cover eyes and retreat to the house for a tasty fourth cup of cold coffee........ 

Of course I googled; making a green mouse trap and found this ingenious video..... 
 perfect for your next wine and crafts class..... or after nap, kids project!  Imagine the delight!  And what could Martha Stewart do with this project?!  I see glitter!  Do we need one more kitchen magnet? Really?

Anyway....... after depositing the mouse I ran out the back door and hit a patch of ice bigger than the rink at Sochi!  The Russian judge gave me a 7.3 on my way back from the chicken coop!  

By 2:00 pm the paths were a swimming pool! 

The chickens spent the day gleefully roaming the paths.  

I opened the studio doors, mopped floors, cleaned the place up and waxed pots.

Today we glaze........ We going to 48 F. today!!!  Break'n out the Croc's!  
Croc's on ice...... stay tuned ..... :) 


  1. I too have a black (but green) rodent trap. His name is 'Ninja' ;)

  2. Oooo Brenda, "Ninja" :)

    I was sitting in the back room weaving and heard weird noises. Took a while but finally dawned on me, must be mice! And since they are like potato chips.... never just one. The chase begins!

  3. Now that's my kinda mouse trap! I can't deal with seeing their little dead bodies.

  4. 70 here today, opened up all the windows for some fresh air, spring fever in February!

  5. I sat outside, in the sun, and read for an hour, sinfully wonderful. So wonderful that I pulled off my shoes and socks and stuck my feet out to the sun.
    Good Lord, it was wonderful.
    Bring us some warm!
    Mice....I have my ways.....

  6. Hi Miche'le, I can never go back to the old snap ones........ never!

  7. Tracey and Meredith.......... you're killing me!
    We are now into the flooding stage of winter, I'm waiting for the locusts to arrive...... :)