Sunday, February 9, 2014

What was I thinking?!

Jumping down the last few blogs I wrote down I would post everyday..... 
I cannot..... 
My life is just not that exciting, ever! 
As I sat at my spinning wheel contemplating things to update a homesick kid in Africa with and realizing the only thing I could come up with was;  
I found your underwear in the dryer; so what are you wearing?
  Thought about taking pictures but stopped myself.  

I searched the window next to my wheel and said..... Oh thank God, it's snowing again!  
It has snowed almost everyday since Nov. 22nd..... Punxsutawney Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter so I believe I will take cousin Barney off the Christmas card list as he is still part of the inner circle up at Gobblers Knob.

Yesterday, I splashed olive oil all over myself while aggressively making salad.  Put on my same old work sweater this morning and thought a miracle had taken place while I slept as the oil stain had magically disappeared.  While brushing my teeth and almost choking myself to death realized my sweater was on backwards.... the true miracle, I didn't pass out or choke to death. 

Yesterday was Elinor and Ethel day.  Elinor, my Mom used pick up Ethel my Grandma, each and every Friday; go get their hair done, do lunch, stop at Eddy's Butcher shop, Hough Bakery and grocery shop at the A&P on Fulton Road with a fistful of coupons.  It went on for years until they both became intoxicated with Aqua Net Hairspray inhalation and ended up at the bowling alley, rolling strikes and scratching lottery tickets. (all true)  
Mom and Grams are both gone now but alas not wanting a family tradition to die I picked up Abby Saturday morning around 10 am and we were off for a day of Kent Farmers Market, The Geauga Butcher Shop (run by Dave, an Amish butcher who can rap about meat), the Cheese Co-op and finally ending at the Middlefield Flea Market.  It you get to the Middlefield Flea Market by 8 am they auction off chickens and rabbits for pennies.  As the girls are still laying I opted out of the livestock auction.  
However when we pulled in the parking lot the place was packed with Amish buggies and 4 wheel drive trucks with bumper stickers stating; If It's Fly'n, It's Dy'n  
We circled the lot and finally found a place for my tiny Japanese Import car, I fully expected to be keyed down both sides by the time I got out.  There are hundreds of booths at the flea market but the building was amazingly quiet.... We followed a guy out the back door just like lemmings.  Eureka, we found the red neck barn!!  We were stopped at the door and were asked;  Where is your wrist band?  You get three beers and food is on the side but I think they ran out, but we still got beer.  It's 10 am and I don't have a wrist band.  Also need camo underwear and a beard to get in this place.  The wristband checker gave us the event run down; fundraiser for Ducks Unlimited and there were 50 guns being raffled off.  Oh we sold 3,000 tickets so if you don't have a wristband you can't get in.  Well shoot, I said and we backed away.  

We darted off to the other shops in the complex.  We stepped in horse poop, fresh and frozen; the frozen poop will take out a grown man faster than he can down a beer at a gun raffle!  We started at the antique mall, rolling to the Penny Pincher furniture shop and rounding our visit at the Authentic Indian Jewelry store, complete with crystals, antler lamps and smudge sticks everything had a gold sticker stating it was made in China.  While looking for cool beads in the Authentic Indian Jewelry Shop we heard a woman say.... I won a shotgun down there at the raffle.  And the other 10 woman fondling the authentic jewelry said:  OMG.... YOU ARE SO LUCKY!  What kind?  A pump shotgun!  Approving giggles all around!  
I looked at Abby and we said; Gotta Go! 

We drove back to her Kent apartment, dividing up the days booty from hunting and gathering.  I showed her how to cook liver and onions.  She was more impressed with liver costing .99 a pound than the taste.  She pulled one of my jars of homemade catsup down from the shelf and slathered the whole liver steak, declaring it OK.  Neil was hiding under the futon in shear disgust. 

so as you can see I cannot possibly post everyday!  

I could not grab the camera and take one more snow picture or underwear picture. 
Instead I dug out last years garden pictures....... I really need a pop of color at the moment. 

and lettuce ........  


  1. Darlin' you could fill up a blog with photos at the flea market, where was your camera?
    Re: liver and onions, my daddy turned me on to that delight, my family won't allow it in the house and won't sit with me in a restaurant if I order it.
    Also put my shirt on backwards today, but I left the house that way, and I only had one pigtail braided, forgot the other one completely, haha!
    My mom has had her hair fixed on Friday fiat at least fifty years, only Friday,. She would then go to Piggly Wiggly, and then to the seafood shop, we lived on the coast.
    Sisters of different mothers we are!

  2. You do realize dear that what you wrote is all your darling daughter needs......... Her mother's wicked sense of humor and pictures of home for her the inside of her head.

    I am not your daughter. But you make me smile too.

  3. Dalimam! arghhhhh!!!! I got half way down to Kent and realized I had left my camera on the kitchen counter! In two weeks we head to the Westside Market in Cleveland for a Sat. trip, stay tuned with pictures...... maybe we'll get our hair done.... ! All the years of my Mom and Grandma spent getting "perms" and teased and colored I couldn't believe they even had hair!

    Mom and I relished the liver and onions, Dad would say; get than stink'n stuff out of my house :)

    You sounded ravishing today :) and did you care? yeah me either :)

  4. Wicked ......... key words :)

    Daughter in Benin sounds much better and is adjusting! Phew!

    thanks for stopping by and leaving a pebble in the blog pond!

  5. Any day I see a blog posting from you is a day I know I'm going to smile, most often laugh out loud.

  6. Smiling is awesome, laughing divine :)