Monday, February 17, 2014

The countdown.........

Still cold, this morning -7, still snowing, still feeding chickens, still weaving, still throwing, still firing, and still getting ready to shove off for Massachusetts next Thursday morning.
Have stopped baking bread and dumped my sour dough starter.  I went through 100 pounds of flour this winter, proudly converting it to fat quite nicely!  My butt thanks you.....
The sourdough starter languishes in it's crock due to a cold house, as I was not prepared to wear it around my neck in a leather pouch, I dumped it.  Butter sitting on the counter is too hard to spread anyway. This also means no pancakes, back to whole grain granola.   
I will now be perfecting my fruit and salad skills.
Listening to foodie books in the studio; Diane Mott's food mysteries have been quite entertaining.  Above all Michael Pollan's; "Cooked" has been the best.  Tried to listen to; The Man Who Changed The Way We Eat, but alas another borrower smeared the discs with butter or potato chip residue.  Taking it back to the library to see if they can run it through their disc cleaner.  Back to murder mysteries ......

I need to change the security settings on the blog as the spam is just rolling in!  No, I am not interested in Viagra, Ambient or hosting a toy party and we are not talking Lego's!  Enough!  Sorry blog readers, I will take it off in a week or so....... 

My work table is piling high but the view is great. 
The hairy woodpecker stopped by the bird feeder this morning.  
So big and so bravado....... we love that!  
Not so much Johnny Weir fishing in a mink at the Sochi Olympics..... 

Somebody sent a box of Florida sunshine!  But alas, no card!  Don't know who sent it but we are forever grateful for this burst of sun in a very dark winter :) 

Spending quite a bit of time carving these days.  
Also changing the finials on my carved pots as I needed something more simple so as not to compete with weaving.  

 Veronica, these shots are for you :) 
These are the teapots left from the filling the Cleveland Museum of Art order.
And I'm carving more teapots and working on others...... 


  1. you can freeze sourdough but like you I dumped mine too, years ago I have taken care of things anymore. Really take care of me...
    Here is one of out favorites:
    Go read them!
    Or listen to them....

  2. Ooooo a big Thank You, Meredith! Off to the library this morning!
    I think I hit the sourdough wall yesterday when I dumped it..... I thought I really don't need one more needy thing at the moment :)

  3. I'm with Meredith on Robert Crais. Lee Child's jack reacher series is another good set ... Ignore the movie version. And yeah, it's that time of year ... I just told hubby yesterday ... better eat up all the 'not so good for you' stuff in the house as a change is acomin'!
    And the pots .... oooo la la!

  4. boy- me speak pretty one day.....Can you read my mind because my written, good lord.
    Yes to Lee Child as well! Great minds.
    Also - anything by David Sadaris just for a good laugh out loud.

  5. I LOVE David Sedaris......... do you know how many pots I have ruined because I was laughing so hard?

    Brenda, peeled the last garden potatoes for dinner! Potato leek soup....... with bacon of course :) Yup, the change is here! Salad tonight and not a loaf in bread in sight :)