Sunday, June 29, 2014

and now the garden........

We have had our share of rain this June and now the 
temperatures are soaring.  

These mushrooms appeared under the wisteria tree and in a bed of roses, one cool morning.
 I was just fascinated, there were thousands.  
By 2 pm they gone, withered and returned to the mulch...... 

I wondered if they had come to see the flush of rose blossoms.  
Is this what we look like at parade or sporting event?  
They did seem to have a community consciousness.

The elements have turned the yard into the little shop of horrors.

The way back is out of control too.
The potatoes were looking great until the rainstorms.
Now I have smashed potatoes but they're blooming.  

First blueberry! 

and so it begins......... zucchini consciousness.

Pickles soon!

Kohlrabi!  one of my all time fav's.

and yikes do I have peas!  
These are dwarf grey's, now standing well over 6 feet. 

Onions are just hurling themselves out of the ground! 

and the next blog will show just what gardening can do for you :) 


  1. Double WOW! ... Bountiful! Rick's garden is doing okay - his greenhouse stuff is fabulous but he's been battling birds (seed stealing) in the squash/pumpkin patch and bugs/rot in the onion and garlic beds.

  2. I'm telling you it's a year! There are big chomp marks on everything this year. I really thought with the winter we had we wouldn't be having a bug problem.....
    oh and that rot thing....... yup :)
    I guess the trick is to plant double what you think you need!