Monday, June 16, 2014

It's Here!!

The pugmill arrived today at 2:00 p.m.!  The awesome delivery driver was great!  He loaded it on a pallet jack, wheeled it down the driveway, walked around the studio, wandered the path of the garden; declared this place paradise and offered to help get it on the table!  Dude, you rock!  This guy loves his job.  

Through a vast array of miscommunication and mercury retrograde in the sign of Cancer, it was time to go underground.  Seems if it could go wrong it did this past week but after much muddling, stuff sort of got done.  And I will be staying underground until July 1st, as Mercury goes direct ..... then look out! 

Feels like I have new studio.  
If you put everything out on the driveway, build a wall and start over you get a new studio. 
There was too much and loads got tossed or reused but in reality I probably need a studio double this place.   Right now it works and everything is on wheels.   

Pretty gobsmacked at the new glaze area! 

This is the new throwing area and big news I am now teaching one day a week.  
Since I am off the road I have time and I really like it!

I have always lived trying to listen and not react with stubborn freewill and boy has that been a hard lesson.  I put it out to the universe I needed a dog, I wanted a dog and it was time for a dog!  A couple months went by and no dog.  So I figured the universe knew something I didn't and thought when the right dog comes along it will magically show up.  That's how the last three dogs got here and it worked out great.  But no dog...... heavy heart. 

Then last week I got a call from a gal who wanted to take pottery classes and could she come see the studio and talk about classes.  Sure.  She showed up on the day everything was sitting in the driveway and I was on a ladder with a nail gun in my hand and a ribbon of nails clenched in my teeth.  
She brought her dog...... a 6 week old Aussie Shepard pup.  She wanted to bring the puppy to classes.  
Sure and you might get a discount!  This morning Tag and owner showed up at 8:30 am for a 2 hour class.  I got my puppy fix and will get my puppy fix every Monday morning for 2 hours.  
He is very well behaved and naps during class.  

I guess the universe does listen...... :) 


  1. Wow, a pug mill and a part time puppy. Good move.
    And, you don't have to drive away to teach. Great move.
    Me, I'm up at 5 to get to work on time.

  2. Meredith, always love when you pop in :)
    Well that 5 am gig is paying bills and yahoo for that!
    I am loving the part time pup and really makes me realize why I adopt older dogs. He is a doll though!

  3. Ive been hearing about puppy mills. This isn't what I pictured.

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  5. Amazing how cleaning and organizing a studio re-energizes us ... great space, btw!
    Happy pugging! You soon won't have a scrap left in the place .... and yeah ... me too on the old dog vs young pup choice but I wouldn't recommend the TWO old dogs at one time option ;))

  6. that puppy is adorable... a part time pup is sort of like grandchildren... love them, squeeze them, get them all wound up, and send them home to be housebroken!

  7. I am so excited that it arrived!! I feel less guilty about my 'mess ups' now that I can really screw up and we can recycle the clay! :D. I can't BELIEVE there is anything on the shelf to trim next Monday - I was expecting to struggle the whole time with centering and opening, :). My hands, arms, and shoulders are talking to me today about yesterdays' activities!

    Tag, the pup, is happy to be a 'part time' studio dog. I am beyond thrilled that he is welcome (God is so good!) and you're willing to teach and work with me!! For anyone interested in a bit more about Tag, he turned 9 weeks old Monday and is a blue merle Australian Shepherd. Tag is the fifth aussie to join our family, (our third dog currently) and is in training to become a therapy/support dog. I know the experience will be SO good for him, and he will gladly join us as long as he is welcome!!

    We also have his Uncle (and Big Brother) Blitz (also a Blue Merle Aussie), and a (young) 12.5 yr old Belgian Tervuren girl named Faith.

    Tag and Blitz are both learning to herd and track in addition to his ongoing lessons on how to be a balanced, socially welcome dog, :) - some of which will come with age as he is a bundle of energy and vigor right now with the attention span of a hummingbird flitting from one to the next, :D. The more he experiences now the more rounded he'll be as an adult which is our goal, :)!

  8. Oooooo John! you might be on to something :)

    Hey Brenda! I wondered if it was me that was just getting old and not wanting a puppy but I really like the teenagers and grown ups. Oh that puppy energy!

    Hi Michele'! Exactly! and I am such a push over :)

    Hi Nona! I just double wrapped your bowls on this hot day! The pugmill is up and running as of tonight! Tag is making a wonderful therapy dog here at Paine Falls, my therapy...... :)