Monday, June 9, 2014

Change is in the Air.........

The brush piles are gone and I can see the garden again!  Yeah!!  
Spent all day Saturday feeding the chipper.  
By the end of the day my arms looked like
I had been in one big cat fight, torn up!  
You're just not having fun until somebody is bleeding.
Cannot impress how happy I am this project is done!   

chip pile for chicken bedding and garden paths, should last a while!

The chickens thought they were under fire.  
They managed to 
lay a few eggs during the bombardment.

The poppies are on!  Although a rainy Sunday beat them down a bit.

This is my first year growing peas on a fence and wow I will never go 
back to floppy peas 
 They are up to my chin and hoping they don't go much higher or I'll 
need a step ladder to pick them.

Neil the Cat found the Nepeta and he's done a pretty good job laying around in it all day.

Back garden on a misty Monday morning....

First strawberry of the season!!  
the onion photo bombed....... 

Leeks are up! 

Meanwhile back in the studio...... 
After a challenging year of joint and back issues I bit the bullet last week and bought a pugmill
I have put this off for 30 years.  I have spent more on cars than this piece of machinery.

Bailey called and said it would be here Tuesday or Wed.  
Sunday I was just toast from chipping and walked around the studio looking for 
the perfect place to put this new piece of machinery.  
The studio was full up.  
Stood back, scratched my head and started moving boxes of clay, work tables and 
all the other stuff that goes in a studio.... 
Ran to the Depot to pick up lumber, dig out the air compressor, saw etc and 
the new studio was in motion.  By 10:30 pm I closed the door to the studio 
and thought how does this happen..  When I put the order for the pugmill in and considered what needed to be done to the studio I would have kept wedging, wrists be damned. 

Not sure why I need a 100 drywall ware boards..... 
oh wait that was the left over drywall from the last project! 

Wouldn't it be easier to just build a bigger studio...... 

I started my day thinking I would just unload a kiln, wax pots, move a few things to make a place..... 

 Stay tuned for more adventures with Dali Mama.........  completely unknowing and mystified.


  1. Your gardens are gorgeous and you are going to love your pug mill. There is something so satisfying about seeing that clay coming out looking like new again!

  2. So happy for you and your pugmill! I got a lightly used one 2 years ago and it has made a huge, positive difference.

  3. I'll never have a pug mill, might be the reason I give up clay in the end..... Just can't spend anymore money on equipment.... Sigh.
    Love those chickens, can't wait for mine to grow up just like them.

  4. Two things I'd love to have in my clay life .... A slab roller and a pug mill. Opportunity has knocked twice with a slab roller in hand and even second hand I reluctantly said no ... I look at the $'s and pass ... maybe one day ... Expecting pug mill stories are in the wind with you, friend ;) ... Gardens look smashing, btw!

  5. Gardens are beautiful.
    I would love to have a pug mill too. I don't know where I'd put it even if I could get over the cost. I'm sure you're going to love using it.

  6. Hi Blogger Buddies!! I love reading your comments after a very long day in the studio. Every single thing has had a side-out rotate and I don't remember being this tired in a very long time.

    Brenda if you were closer I would give my slab roller It's the most expensive crap stacker in my studio! One Peter King workshop and I had to have one....... I don't even think flat :)

    So happy y'all like the gardens! Now to find the time to sit and enjoy them!

    Oh and I am sure there will be pugmill stories :)

  7. Michele' is plugging a pile of clay like stacking wood? :)

  8. Gosh Sandy, your studio looks wonderful and how great not having to wedge. Its kind on the wrists too.
    The garden has grown so well after all the snow you had. Looks grand