Sunday, June 29, 2014

Studio stuff first......

The last couple weeks have been off the charts busy, chaotic and life altering; so for the first time in blog history I am going to break this down into a couple posts, unprecedented! 

The studio is busy!  

Finally got the beast installed, used and cleaned.
The beast pugged 800 pounds of clay in 3 hours......
cleaning:  2 1/2 hours.
Broke the whole thing down piece so I could wrap my
brain around how it works.  Simple and interesting
but I can see why going to one clay body is good choice!


The shelves are filling rapidly and I am ready to start stacking on
the floor.  It's just too darn hot to fire a kiln at the moment.
Cold front goes through on Wed.  so we wait......

Greenware shelves.....

Evolution of the square plate in this studio.....
I remember starting these years ago and I just never liked them very much
but I couldn't walk away from the idea or design.  
Over the years they have grown from a very simple puny slabs to thick slabs with 
extruded rims, impressed rims and now feet.  When they come out 
of the glaze kiln I'll let you know how currently feel about these..... 

Bisque table is waxed and waiting......  still.

 First student work waiting to be fired!

It's Sunday ....... today we mop, clean and get ready to start again on Monday morning.  


  1. WOW!!! you go girl! .... and yeah, I wondered about the cleaning of the pugmill. My memory from university was that it seemed to be a 'big' job.

  2. Hey Brenda...... it is and I have 4 different clay bodies..... I see changes in the clay department!