Wednesday, June 4, 2014

this is the song that never ends..........

Everyday I walk to the studio and everyday the tree mess beckons.....  I couldn't stand it one more day.
(and I really hope my chiropractor doesn't read this blog!) 

In the cool morning I trenched, through a bucket of tree roots and an old brick foundation, grrrrr..... 
After two hours of huffing and puffing, the fence was nailed in and I thought about pitching a program to HGTV called;  Projects with Mom.  
I am not sure I would attempt half the stuff around here if I had not seen the woman with a tool belt strapped to her tiny waist, long blonde hair pulled back in a cute little pony tail and usually wearing flip flops; while jumping up and down on an old brick foundation (kind of like a weasel on rabbit) .... you've seen her; The ReHab Addict.  I just called DirectTV and had our cable shut off..... I have to stop watching this stuff!  Seriously, projects like this is why they made..... GUYS!  (Well, when you're older than the dirt you're shoveling......)

Yippee, around 1 pm the calvary showed up!  
Took one look at my project and tried to make a quick get-a-way.

She missed the trenching but hung around for stacking and boy did we stack! 

and still a pile to be split and stacked..... 
(the song that will never end!)

This morning I walked around the garden, recovering..... 
The beans are up!!  Planted a bit too close and time for thinning.

but in the middle of the night the poppies bloomed!  
They have been so slow to bloom this year but the plants are loaded with buds, 
more than I can ever remember.....

The peonies are perfuming the yard, a nice transition from the lilacs.

The digitalis is up and blooming too! 

And finally....... last year after waiting a few years to get this plant the Aquilegia canadensis is blooming!  I was so happy it survived the winter and I just love it! 

Now I can get to the studio!  


  1. Great pix, Sandy! Your garden adventures always look great.

  2. One garden is composed this year, while another is all weeds.
    Pinching babies and teaching is going to eat my summer.
    Love the flowers.

  3. Meredith, I am loving reading your adventures this year....... Have a feeling things may be changing a bit here too as my body is aging and this running 14-15 hours a day is just not working any more......... hmmmm....

  4. Beautiful flowers! I really don't mind stacking wood when I don't have to squeeze it in between all kinds of chores that can't wait.

  5. Hi Michele! The part of stacking I love..... Making order out of disorder. I think it's why I love weaving too. Love standing back at the end of the day and seeing that stacked wood :)

    The flower season is upon us!! So happy!