Sunday, October 28, 2012

buckle up ........

Still weaving and I should post pictures but I am soooooo tired of sitting on my butt watching my fingers dance!  Vowing to leave the weaving table I pulled out the shadow box moulding that has been whispering to me from a dark corner; $200 worth of primo shadowbox moulding.  I bought the stuff in July but just didn't have the guts to cut it.  For months I have looked for a little old woodworker who might like to tackle this but alas the search was a bust.  With shows looming, it was time to belly up to the workbench and make sawdust.  Kilns were off, chicken coop was cleaned, dinner was in the crockpot and I had fiddled around long enough. Simply install the brand spank'n new $100 blade (I choked when I wrote the check).  No wait, find the special wrench and directions to the mitre saw....... 90 minutes later .... I needed coffee and weaving was looking good.  Instead, set up a plank on saw horses, run extension cords, duct tape the shop vac to the mitre saw exhaust (brilliant!), hook up compressor and air nailer, find corner vises, wood glue, blue shooting ear muffs, count all fingers and press the "ON" button.  There's a morning shot to hell and I don't even have a frame yet!  

Just about the time I was ready to make my first cut......... super handy Butchie Miller popped in the studio and asked it he could help.  Just in the nick of time I muttered.  Luckily I had my powder blue shooting ear muffs on and had to read his lips while I nodded my head and pressed the power button.  He watched as I sliced and diced the first frame.  Put it all together on the table and stood back taking off my ear guards and was pretty darn proud of my handy work.  He said;  "Well I can see my work here is done." and went in the house.  I stayed in the studio checking out my super fantastic carpentry skills when Ann Romney called alerting me to her husbands skills to be President.  Thanks Ann, scones tomorrow?  Gotta run!  As I listened to Ann I realized I had cut the frame with the rabbit on the outside of the frame, leaving the glass to fall right through.  I am brilliant....... and dyslexic!  It was a frustrating day and matched the weather outside.  By 6:00 pm there were four lovely frames made and waiting for tiles.  
Today, off to Home Depot to get wood putty for the brad nail holes...... and pick up coffee and stop by the orchard and and and ....... And why doesn't Home Depot sell underwear and aspirin?  I couldn't make one more stop so as my Grandma used to say; oh just turn it inside out and quit whining your lucky you have underwear.  

Tomorrow ....... off to Akron to break down the Don Drumm Show!   

I hear I am coming ashore sometime Tuesday to wreak havoc on the east coast..... gonna be a party here too!  The chickens are gonna need life jackets and waders by Thursday.  8" of rain and 60 mph wind....... off to find my ruby slippers!  

Supposed to be in Rochester, NY for the Memorial Art Gallery Show on Friday....... 


  1. I feel tired just reading about all you have going on! I make frames for some of my smaller rugs and tiles out of old barn wood. When they don't turn out just right (which they never do when I'm involved with wood and saw) I just pretend like they were supposed to be "rustic"!! :)

    Be safe in the wake of Sandy!

  2. Rustic! I'm so gonna use that! :)

    There are times I really wish I had a wood shop, sure would make life easier!

    50 mph winds still pummeling us but we are here and the house is still standing. Headed out this morning to do a walk about. Chickens seem unflappable......