Friday, October 19, 2012

Things that are so right and things that are soooo wrong.....

Been a week here at Happy Acres and beyond.  The truck died, along with the kiln and batteries on the mouse.  We live in the weird little town that I now call home.  People wonder why we stay. 
Here are a few photos on my trip home from the garage.  The garage is run by a local guy who rocks out the tools fixing my truck.  It's a mile from my house and it's usually done in a day. 

 These pictures are all taken within a mile from my house on the walk back from the garage. 

Morley Libray....... best thing this community ever did was build the new library.  
I can walk here and have the world at my fingertips... #1 on my list of why I stayed.
So right! 

The court house and spires from one of the many old churches. 
Our town is the county seat. 
So right! 

The Grand River, I have fished it since we lived it here.
So right!

And rode my kayak to Lake Erie.
So right! 
And the homeless camp in the woods.......
So wrong...... as we have no facility for them and winter is coming on.  

Ohio water....... this summer, so Right! 
and thankful for the wet stuff.

The cliffs of the Grand River on the south side.  Bald Eagles have returned as have 
the Ospreys.  So right! 

The water over the rocks helped me grasp of vision of glaze development over the years.
So right.

The homes flooded and still standing after 6 years of red tape sending many home owners into bankruptcy.  Sooooo wrong.  These will be burned down in the next few days to train local fire departments.  We live at the top of the hill and will be breathing this stuff as it burns.  Pack'n up the chickens and dog and headed out.  
Just a crazy woman driving around with a truck full of chickens and an old dog....... 

back up the hill and cut through the cemetery ......

so right....... 
the sugar maples got there flare on and that is a wonder! 

The entire week was a lesson in so right and so wrong.  I ran a bunch of glaze tests and some are so right and others I thought would be killer were so wrong.  The garden is ending but new sprouts are coming up.  The kiln broke down but I fixed it ..... by myself..... so good!  

I guess life is a balancing act.  You can either see the beauty or see the crap at the bottom of the tank. 
I choose to sit down and center lumps of clay every day when sometimes I have hard time centering my life........  Today I saw both and it was a good lesson. 

 Walk potter, walk.


  1. Your life seems to be running a parallel course to mine. It's good to see the photos of your life. You love your area as I love mine. Beauty everywhere if one choses to see it. The image of you in a truck with chickens driving around your town...too funny! Have chickens, will travel?

  2. Honk if you see me!! There are days I have to look real hard for the beauty :)
    but it's there!

  3. Thanks made my day!

  4. Kay! So glad to touch base again! See you next week! YIKES! :)