Monday, October 29, 2012

Stand strong..........

Ran home from Akron this afternoon and stapled feed sacks to every opening around the chicken coop.  The girls were ankle deep in mud and looked faklempt. They reminded me of women in feathers boas dashing from the opera, caught in a down pour.  Chattering and feather boas soaked but so much to talk about.   They ran to the fence....... SAVE US!  I spread dry straw under the coop, stapled the feed sacks up and gave them crackling snacks from the lard I rendered last month...... all is right in the world.  

After the girls were settled in I grabbed the camera and ran to the lake.  

We will stand strong ....... 
(what election?)

40 mph winds and sandblasted.... nose in the wind and honk! 

Watching the geese take an effortless flight.  Bank right, bank left..... they were playing the storm. 
I was the idiot with the camera and could not stop snapping images.... 

the nor'easter blew the river backwards today.  

the fury of Lake Erie is something to behold....... 

moths to a flame......

The worst part of the storm should hit between 2 and 3 a.m. this morning.  Add another 20 mph wind to the 40 we currently have and we will be blasted with 60 mph hour wind gusts.  It's been raining since Friday afternoon.  Wondering which trees will stand strong for the first light of morning.......

For now the wood stove is snapping and popping, the beans and rice are bubbling on the stove, zucchini bread is sliced, the coffee is hot, the dog is soundly sleeping and the wind sounds like a freight train outside.   We wait for morning light......... stand strong America.


  1. I hope you weathered the worst of the storm in the wee hours this morning!

    I find it amazing how well animals and birds take extreme weather and it's aftermath - much better than we do for sure. :)

  2. Hi Sandy, I'm hoping you (& your critters) weathered the extreme weather in the wee hours of the morning! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. Thanks!!!

    River crests tonight! Almost over the hump!