Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Time for .........

Time to smell the rain and take a walk about around the yard this morning.  
Lately, when I hit the back door around 5:30 a.m. it's still dark so the camera stays on the counter.  The girls are usually clammering by the outside coop door by 6:00 a.m. and ready for breakfast.  After our morning greeting I wander back to the house via the studio; uncovering pots thrown yesterday.  They will be ready to trim by the time I get back out there.  

I like my walk abouts, this morning was short due to rain but none the less it clears my head and gets priorities in line for the day.  Completely forgot to let everybody know there is a wonderful functional and decorative show opening at;  Karg Gallery 
Renowned glass artist, Rollin Karg has a beautiful gallery in Keichi, Kansas.  This month they opened a show on functional and decorative ceramic art; I was so pleased to show pots with them this year! 

Muted fall colors are so soothing in the morning rain.

Ahhhh to sit still long enough to grow moss on your bum.... nope, never gonna happen! 

I love over achievers!  Double yolk-ers for breakfast, love it! 

new designs in porcelain....... beyond chip caring.

and always mugs........

I have decided to let the ACC show in Baltimore come and go.  After reading the contract and visualizing the drive to Baltimore in February I have decided to stay home and scan the seed catalogs.  Is it a mistake?  Dunno.  I do know I am quite frazzled from being on the road so much this year and my bank account does not show the toll of frazzled.  Is there a frazzle quotient?  Can I stay home and make a living?   Studio sales, sell small pots and mugs on line, small micro green/herb business, write articles on lifestyle of the ridiculously frantic, buy the house next door increase our property,  put a book together (how old is too old to homestead, can you homestead in a nursing home?) 
........ and back to making mugs.  
Lots to ponder but for now one more cup of coffee, gather eggs and off to trim canisters...... 


  1. Oh if only we could homestead from nursing homes, complete with a staff to do all the plowing, harvesting, cleaning (and medicating!)

  2. Looks like you are finding some of that autumn Zen I have been enjoying. Never regret the shows you didn't do. Your body will always say thank you!