Sunday, October 21, 2012

play'n hooky ........

After a marathon weaving session yesterday, today was a day off...... sort of.
Sat down yesterday morning and thought; just weave until noon; after a dinner of popcorn and ice cream (don't bother looking under the recipe tab), weaving, watching Greata Garbo movies until 2 a.m while weaving.  I rolled to bed, stiff.  Besides it was a yucky Ohio, October day.  The hours ticked by, rows of weaving grew and I had no desire to move outside.  Not even when I spilled a huge 15 compartment tray of seed beads on a sleeping dog.  He thought it was candy rain and licked them up faster than I could sweep.  

This morning my feet hit the floor and whoa!!  What was that thing in the sky?  Sun?  Glorious sun!!  
Morning coffee in hand, chickens rousting about, I sat down to weave in full sun.  

My morning weaving table and coffee cup. 

and my new weaving project.......

Butch sailed his last sail of the year as the channel is filling with sand.  Another reason to maintain a small sailboat on Lake Erie.  While he sailed in the perfect south west winds, crystal blue skies and full sun; I moved outside and sat on the patio in my best night shirt, bare feet on cold bricks, morning hair coiffured by Bedtime Beauticians, hot coffee and resumed weaving.  I wove and listened to the birds, watched a wren out of the corner of my eye working over the old leathered tomato plants in the garden.  Bugs galore, she was reluctant to move on even when the neighbor's cat, Ralphie paid a visit.   She stayed and gorged her tiny brown body.

At noon I got up for another cup of coffee and EMERGENCY!  No coffee.  Slap on my jeans and out the door, forgot to brush my hair and teeth but had my muzzle and sunglasses on, so no worries!  After coffee run I treated myself to Half Price Books and scored two books on Artisan Bread making in 5 minutes.  I had been lusting after these books for a year......... and hard bound!  

Home to hang with the chickens, drink fresh coffee and read my books under the maple tree in far back gardens.  Collected eggs long around 5 p.m. and harvested next weeks potatoes.  While bent over digging for gold one of the girls made a weird trilling sound.  Hmmm..... that's new.  It continued, louder.  I finally put my digging fork down and walked to the chicken run.  BAM!  Chickens running everywhere, feathers flying and what the hell was that!  A cooper's hawk hit the chicken wire and spun wildly out of control.  Like a bomber in a death dive, grabbing control and recovering, she landed on the peak of the chicken coop and preened her feathers while the chickens cowered beneath.  Like me slipping in the studio and then glancing around..... did anybody see that?  I adjust my glasses and keep moving, so goes the hawk.  Which makes me think it's a female. 
 I was speechless and watched in awe.  The hawk flew up into the maple and I wondered how long this ballet has been going on.  Took a while for the girls to come out.  I went back to digging potatoes and finally they went back to eating old tomato treats from the garden.  
The sun makes the chickens feel better too.  Yesterday, 4 eggs.  Today 9 eggs.  Interesting and I'm checking to see if I am sprouting feathers as boy I'm with the girls on this weather thing.  

Days are cooler, shorter and I am in heaven.  A nice fire seemed fitting to end the weekend.  Zeus was in fine form for an evening fire.

The watchful bunny sentinels under the bench watch a tired dog.  
He was exhausted from bedazzling the backyard ......

the sun set quickly here in Paine Falls ...... 
even with the frost, the nasturtiums have hung on, dancing with the parsley at the edge of the garden.

and what goes better with a fire......... Buffalo Trace bourbon in my Patrick Rademaker whisky cup.

nice to play hooky once in a while.......... 


  1. Love the tales of your girls, love Zues and his bedazzling, love love love the bourbon and the fire. Hang in there, potter. Hooky is good for the soul.

  2. Hey birthday chick, shouldn't you be eating cake and sorbet? :)