Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weaving and weaving........

Isn't that a boring title. I was going to title the blog Chicks in Bondage but changed my mind after my discovery.  In the past few months the blog has been spammed repeatedly.  Seriously, how much Viagra and weight loss crap does any one person need.   Blogger provides a great service called "stats".  
I went there and tried to figure out where all these "hits" were coming from.  I recognized all the sites; Google, Facebook, Sawdust and Dirt and then one I've never seen before.  Racking my brain I just couldn't place the site, so I clicked on the address.  SHOCK, DISGUST, RETINAS BURNED OUT OF MY HEAD!  Couldn't get my finger on the delete button fast enough.  OMG!  Why would porn people be on my blog?  I had to wash my eyes out with soap before I could go back into "stats".  
That site was the #2 site directing people to my blog.  And then I noticed there was one particular posting driving these idiots to my site.  
Last May or June I titled a post:  The Girls Are Here!  Well they were and they were my chickens!!!! 
OMG!  Yes perverts were watching my chickens!  Go wash my eyes out again!  
So it looks like I get a ton of hits on my blog and I thought it was because I was just so witty with my words......... Never mind, it's my X rated chickens.  

So yes, I am weaving....... 

Weaving again but on a bigger level..... 

The hawk was back and hit my woven roof on the chicken run with such force he pulled the hook out of the wood.  The woven web was woven with 22-25 pound test line from old fishing reels I had saved over the years.  Fishing line is transparent and I bet invisible to the stunned hawk when he hit it. 
 The chickens were hiding under the coop, cowering in fear but they were safe, all nine.   A cooper's hawk is a pretty big bird so my invention had worked, I just needed a bigger hook.  After much tugging and pulling I realized too much damage had been done and I needed to re-weave the lacework.  Not what I had planned for my afternoon.  

Running up to the hardware store as I was out of old fishing line and bought masons line.  Bright pink and orange, so the hawk could see it.  1500 yards and a couple hours later the new woven top was done.  Oh and I cannot wait to see my backyard on Google Earth next year!  Just think, people peering out windows of planes going over my backyard will be able to see this pink fluorescent web, I bet the Space Station can see my handy work!   
As I worked, up and down the ladder, running back and forth across the coop, chickens were at my feet, hopping on the ladder and just hanging out with the chief chick.  
The hawk curiously watched from the back tree.  
Not the day I had hoped for as pots are stacking up in the studio but the chickens are safe, the hawk can  catch moles and rabbits in the garden and the world is safe.  And why isn't there a super hero; Weaver? Nothing gets through her nets!  

And for dinner, a lovely quiche'.  


  1. This may be a part of your problem: When I come over to your blog from my favorites list a note comes up. Safari can't verify the identity of the I always hit cancel, but until today I haven't seen this on any blog. There is a lot of strangeness on the web that I tend to forget about. Is there any way you could block all stuff from that site? AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!

    So glad to read that the girls are okay. I use a net on the pond in winter....yours makes perfect sense. Your pots are looking terrific!

  2. I just got that too! Ran my mackeeper but still there.... So weird and time to call the wizard! I forget tend to forget about worm hole of the web as I live under a pile of clay. Guess it's good to check in once in awhile ...... Nah... To weird!!

    Thanks!! SC!

  3. Smart Cat! after a frustrating morning of trying to get the window from popping up I found out what causes it!!!!

    Facebook changed their Javascript and blogger was using dynamic. Removing the facebook page took the window away. It should work now........ Wow there's three hours lost in the worm hole of the web!


    What a royal pain in the azz!

  5. Your weaving on your pots is just lovely - what material do you use?

    The fishing line weaving is very clever over your coop. Your post reminded me of Spider Woman, the Navajo "goddess" who taught the Navajo to weave...

  6. Hi Julia,


    Currently using waxed linen and anodized wire.

    Funny you mentioned Spider Woman as I was on the ladder thinking this is Arachnid's chicken coop!

  7. Hey! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today. Ironically I just found your blog this afternoon and I was going to add it to my blogroll but I was on my ipad and it didn't want to participate. I'm sure I have been here before, but I sometimes get lost and distracted in blogland, haha!
    On the laptop now, so I can add you! I enjoyed catching up on some of your posts today :)

  8. Hey Tracey, thanks for dropping by and dropping a pebble down the wormhole of the blogosphere :) have enjoyed your blog immensely!