Friday, October 19, 2012

Pages on blogger ?!

On the learning curve of blogging I discovered these little tabs called pages!  
So far I have added;  Garden, Pottery and Recipes!  

Not sure how this will work but willing to have a go it!   

Tabs?  I love tabs! 


  1. His very own PFD..... personal floatation device.
    He is old and has arthritis, helps him float. Got tired of doing CPR on the dog......

  2. I like the PFD..we are hoping to teach the pup to swim next summer.
    I enjoyed your last post with the thoughtful photos and comments. I felt like I was walking with you!
    So sad about the houses. You are wise to get away.
    New glazes are a crap shoot! Just keep going!

  3. Morning SC! The PFD is great. My husband sails and the dog can swim around. When he's done we grab the handle and lift him back in the boat ....... Otherwise he would need to follow us back to the dock :)
    Thanks on the glazes, have two I'm going to take up to a 2500 gr. batch and see how they do...... I'm a glaze testing nut, usually tests in every kiln. So ready for brighter glazes......maybe because we are headed into shorter days.

    Thanks for stopping by!