Thursday, December 13, 2012

a day on the river.......

Well really just the morning.  Today I loaded the fishing gear in the truck and headed down after my morning coffee.  Butch had loaded the car, waved goodbye and head to the airport.  He is flying out to Fort Collins to attend Rachael's graduation on Saturday.  

The weather has held with temperatures in the low 40's and the sun was still out.  I'm running with this weather because I know it will not last very long.  

The crust of ice was thick this morning.  Standing in ice cold water does have a way of saying GOOD MORNING!  Realizing I was standing in the shadows of the north bank I fished my way over the sun exposed west side.  Not much help but at least I wasn't wading though plate ice, a bit tricky for someone who hasn't been in waders for a while!  

Watching minnows darting under glass was mezmerizing.  The ice was crystal clear and thick, the minnows were oblivious.  As I picked up heavy wader laden legs and punched through the ice I realized my steps had scored the ice like a saltine cracker.  One push with my thigh and the whole sheet broke free, sliding off and riding the silent current out to the main river.  

As I stood casting into dark bottomless pools I heard the king fisher again, probably a cousin to the one sighted yesterday.  Standing so still cranking my reel and barely breathing, alone on the river is an amazing place to be so early in the morning.  Again you wait for things to settle in.  About the time I was feeling the quiet, a cooper's hawk paid a visit over my head.  Silently he sailed in but I caught his reflection dancing on the water.  Turning my head oh so slowly, I watched him watch me.  Wished him better luck with his hunting than I was having fishing.  But then standing in ice cold water is just an excuse to be out here.

Gotta love canvas hip boots and a noodle rod :) 

Walked out of the river sometime around 1 p.m.  Too many guys headed to the river, the tranquil setting was gone, the sun was high and my toes and hands were numb.  Nope I hadn't caught anything, nope I didn't just get here, nope don't really want to talk to you, nope I'm not fly fishing, nope I'm not cold, yup, I am a woman.  Now shut up and move on.  
 I stopped at the rod shop on the way home and had them throw new 10 lb. test on my reel.  Picked up a few new spinners too because if the weather holds I'm going back out tomorrow morning.  

Stopped at the paint store and picked up primer and paint for the back room.  Stopped at the coffee shop and picked up a pound of Italian Roast beans. 

Got home around 2 p.m. and was greeted by the chief tail wagger.  He sniffed my boots and knew I had been to the river.  Patting him on the head I promised to bring him a stick or a boot of sand to roll in next time.  I made us lunch while he guarded the stove.  Fresh eggs fried, topped with melted raw milk monterey jack cheese, piled high with handfuls of alfalfa sprouts we had been waiting for the past three days.  He had half, I had the other half.  A pot of coffee almost had me warmed up, the dog passed on the coffee.  Four hours standing and walking in icy water sure makes you tired so we took a quick nap.  

I know I am out there on my own and when I am drunk walking over the stones through ice and thigh deep water, I know not to be stupid.  Gosh I have been walking that river for more than 20 years.  I have learned to take my time, keep my center of gravity low and straight and pick your way through.  A wrong step could be pretty bad depending how far I am from the truck.  Pretty sure my fingers would not be able to punch the numbers in for help, so take your time.  Be completely present in the moment..... it always gets me home.  And so it goes with life...... 

And wow and meteor showers tonight!!!  

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