Tuesday, December 18, 2012

and more projects........

Someday my house will smell like gingerbread at the holidays but alas the smell of latex and primer has me singing Jingle Bells.  I knew there would be a few obstacles when I hit the north side of the room but YIKES!  And I better get a Christmas card from Home Depot this year!  

Good thing it rained last night or I would have laid the floor right over this mess.  Since there was a rubber backed heavy duty rug I did not realize how bad the thresh hold really was.  This morning greeted me with puddles.  Also happy it's not 20 degrees out as daylight is shining through under the door.  The chipmunks are going to have a field day with this new entry! 

Well off to my favorite store first thing this morning.  

Yesterday was plastering, trim and paint.  Sacrificed one of the large drywall ware boards from the studio.  It filled the hole nicely and saved a trip to Depot.  One more coat of joint compound and then sanding will commence with a damp sanding sponge.  Can't believe I lived with this gapping hole 36" x 14" for 5 years.  This is gonna be stellar!  

Poor guy is just lost.  Everyday I promise it will get better and it will.  The turmoil of the last week and my home reflects the lack of sense and order in the world as a whole.  I can put my home back together again with hard work and plodding steps I wonder if this is possible for the country.  I am so grateful I spent time on the river a few days ago: about time for another trip.  
There is blog I read from time to time that I get great enjoyment from.  Yesterday a post was entered titled:  "Travelers".  It's a damn good read.  Thanks Robert! 

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