Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas arrived...... late but so good!

It had been a crazy year in Paine Falls so we decided to have a laid back family holiday.  No running around, no crazies, small, quiet and keeping the fam close.....  
Well until the big elf had his 2 week old iPhone swiped in a store.  Nothing brings out the best in holiday cheer until somebody rips your cell phone right off the counter while you're paying for presents.  Kind of sucks the joy out the season and we heard him singing Fa-la-la-la a bit to aggressively.  He came home dragging his presents in the door and started calling the store repeatedly. Pitifully, he asked Dan the customer service man if someone felt bad and maybe, just maybe because it was Christmas, their heart turned to gold in the glow of the season and turned it in.  I stood in the kitchen listening in disbelief, leaving him his illusions and knowing that phone was probably already wiped clean and on craigslist.  Christmas morning I felt like I had crossed the finished line in a marathon and he said......... wait for it...... I feel so violated.  In my best festive voice I snipped; Buck up Corky!  Get over it, people suck and that is why I rarely live the compound, Oh and Merry Christmas Corky.
  Rachael flew in from Fort Collins at 4 p.m. Christmas Day.  Abby and I stayed home to get the feast ready.  It's an hour and a half from the airport to dinner table but it felt like 5 hours.  We called..... where are you?  How close are you now?  Are you in town yet?   Rachael, on the other end ..... I'm so hungry, I think we're close.  Just get home we got you covered!  

The cargo arrives in the dark of Christmas Evening! 

Waiting for the intrepid traveler and Corky.....

We feasted!  You would have thought we had not eaten in months.  
Menu this year: slow roasted happy Pig ham basted in apple cider and pineapple juice, oven baked sweet potatoes mashed with crushed pineapple and coconut milk then topped with a shredded coconut/pecan praline topping, corn bread with last years fresh frozen corn and raw milk pepper jack cheese, garden green beans tossed with olive oil, lemon juice and coarse salt, carrot/raisin salad with sunflower seeds, homemade pickles and mustards, horseradish, beet relish, corn relish.......  We will eat leftovers for days culminating in split pea soup and one good picked clean ham bone. 

 The elf opened her pack and distributed presents........ we were in awe. 

After presents we rolled back to the kitchen for dessert....... cheesecake of course!  

The chickens got a heat lamp for Christmas and freeze dried meal worms.  
Just in time for the Dec. 26th blizzard.   They got their coop cleaned out too, fresh straw and woodchips for insulation.  

By 10 p.m. we were all in a food coma watching Harry Potter.  
It was a very good Christmas.  Santa was pretty perceptive this year and filled my stocking with gift certificates to a favorite local eatery.  Long over due dinners with Corky!  I will be off my knees and paint free....... I am ready!   Boy and am I ready to get back in the studio and make pots to fill that new space!  

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