Friday, December 14, 2012

with apologies to the girls......

With that title I know I'm getting spammed by the Viagra trolls of cyber space.  Move along, it's chickens! 

In the heat of renovation I forgot to take the girls their afternoon snack!  Wasn't much around until I ran out to fetch the mail.  The giant pumpkin was still on the front porch!  I thought about slapping a wreath on it but what a great treat for the bitty's in the hen house!  

The pumpkin was so big I dropped it and it bounced.  I left it in the chicken yard and ran to get the hatchet.  I ran back with the hatchet, stepped into the chicken yard, raised the axe over my head and came down hard, splitting the pumpkin in two.  

but where were the girls?  Oops!  They must have thought they were dinner and all 9 were hiding under the coop, beaks trembling.  GIRLS! I called; snacks!  I put the axe outside the yard and brave little Batina stepped in.  

The rest watched as Batina stumbled forth..... or was pushed.

They finally ventured out from the safety of the coop after watching Batina gorge on pumpkin seeds.
You go girl!

It's a party!  All is forgiven and I collected 5 eggs....... 

Next time I'll split the pumpkin on the patio and carry the pieces out to the hen house! 

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