Friday, December 14, 2012

and the next project........

After a few hours in the mind numbing water yesterday I had planned to go back today but instead tore into the back room.  Ten years ago this room was my studio.  Then I moved down to a cooperative studio in Cleveland, then 9/11 hit and I couldn't get home to my kids so I built a studio 20 feet out the back door.  Best thing I ever did!

Never had studio sales or thought about selling pots out of my studio but then the economy tanked, gas prices went up, show fees went up, tolls went up and I got a flock of chickens.  This year I was on the road every month except January.  Enough!  

This will be my new gallery.  Over the years galleries called and I would pack pots up and drive them to the gallery owner.  This was great for the galleries, not so great for the potter.  Time, gas, energy, yadda, yadda. yadda...... 

Now thinking my old studio would make a great gallery, the track lighting is already there and it needs a good coat of paint, new floor, walls patched and shelves.  Sounds good to me.  

Today the furniture was moved out, desk cleaned off and out, miles of wires and cords to computers, tv's, printers. phones and anything else I need to communicate with the outside world, disconnected.  (wonder if I can get it work again?)  Every drawer, nook and cranny was cleaned out, the trash guy on Monday may turn around when he sees the pile I put in the recycling bin!  I'm calling this the grand purge!  Even the fishing equipment was gone through and sorted.  Reels cleaned, wrapped and put away.  Rods back on the wall.  And I have a tight budget so this will fun! 

mid morning of moving day, first coffee break! 

The desk almost cleared...... what a project!

The east side of the room, we need at least one more dog bed........ 

By 9 p.m. tonight the ceiling and walls had been washed down, floor scraped and scrubbed. 
Had hoped to get that red wall primed but it didn't happen.  Working the red and green for Christmas :) 

The east side of the room with the desk and work table I can't move until the west side is done.  

Hardest part today was getting the dog to move to the other side of the room.  Harder than getting the stuffed chair to the second floor!  

Tomorrow patching and ceiling paint goes up!  And that red wall is history! 

Remember the Hungarian Motto:  Why Do When You Can Over Do!  

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