Sunday, December 16, 2012

heading into day three........

Day Three and feeling the pain ........ I am not 22 anymore!  

Yesterday's breakfast; toast, coffee, knee pads and aspirin. 

Do they make a one coat paint?  They tell you they do but they don't!  Besides I love standing on my a ladder painting over my head, I have no idea how the Sistine Chapel ever got finished.  After two coats and cutting in I can't answer the phone because I can't hold the receiver!  Jelly, just jelly, maybe gripping the roller and brush a bit too tight. 

The red wall is gone ..... only two coats of primer and two coats of paint.  Walls are painted in a color called horseradish..... in honor of Chanukah I guess but I like it.  And who knew painting white over buttercup yellow would be a project?  

no matter what I do to the walls and ceiling the floor is just screaming...... and still there is dry wall and trim, and, and, and....... 

My view from the ladder..... he's never far.  Made pancakes for us this morning and now out to pick up more paint because I have the other half to do!  

Butch gets home at midnight tonight.  Rachael is now a master of Economic Global Sustainability.  She looked awesome in her cap and gown walking up to get her MBA from Colorado State yesterday.  Her class of 20 are the hopes and dreams for tomorrow.  This is the group that will save the world, they are all rock stars.  Has been a haul these last two years but they made it.  On Friday she handed in her last paper and said I am going home and I don't have to do anything, I can't wrap my brain around it.   She and Butch have torn up the town since Thursday.  She'll be home for Christmas and I can't wait!! 

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