Thursday, December 27, 2012

A dusting........

Well maybe more than a dusting.  This morning I did not run to the chicken coop in my coffee stained blue leopard print nighty flapping in the breeze.  Nope, it was knee boots, coat, hat, gloves and a shovel.  The winds never happened so we were left with a thick frosty coating.  The yard sure is pretty just before sun up.  

Stepping out side the quiet is heavy.  Not even the birds chirped.  There is nothing like the muffled silence of winter embracing your every step as you move through thick heavy snow.   

The pond still flows and the gurgling under the snow is a nice to hear so early in the morning.

The backyard is apparently the freeway to the woods for the deer.  The fence kept them out of the garden leaving me brussel sprouts and chard.

The chickens love their heat lamp a bit too much.  Finding I need to unplug it in the morning or they won't leave the coop for food or water.  I knew the girls had an aversion to rain but this snow stuff completely unglued them!  When I opened the coop this morning there was big complaining in the coop.  I released the door and Batina stood on the top step looking out then backed her way off the ramp and back into the coop.  The next girl peeked out, nope not coming out.  I checked inside and everybody was toasty with no signs of venturing out.  I left warm water, fresh feed and went in the house for coffee and leftover cheesecake.  I will check on them later to see if they hike up their skirts and head out.

The garden rests ....... as does the gardener.  It's winter and been a long time coming this year. 

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  1. It looks lovely. Reminds me a bit of Sweden, which we miss in many ways. And those Maran hens are lovely too. We also used a heat-lamp and the Hens stayed indoors through winter - not a very economical position but then it's always a pleasure having Hens around, we reckon. Have a great New Year.