Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Let me help you............

After being chased through the house Abby gave in to outside play.  After all it was the first blizzard of the season and everybody was home!  Rachael brought her gear from Colorado and we wrangled up enough gear for the Ab-ster.  Snow boards were pulled out of storage and after 30 minutes of rolling around the floor and much protesting of hating snow ........ 
not sure if this is sisterly love or torture......

They were off!  

Love the quiet of the snow...... 


  1. beautiful snow images.
    solstice on the 21st (winter for you, summer for me- two in a row feels weird!)
    Full moon tomorrow.

    Blessings Be

  2. Ahhhh gz. full moon tomorrow on fresh fallen snow should be a beauty!

    Enjoy your summer Christmas!

    Blessings Be indeed :)